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Welcome to my Website!

Well hello there. I've finally started to put together this website after years of being befuddled by HTML and now you can actually check out the portfolio of works that I have amassed over the years. Since I have an extensive backlog of prior works, this will eventually be an archive of all of my creative deeds as well as the most up to date information on my latest up and coming projects. Buckle up because we are going for an epic ride through my personal universal timeline! A wondrous mix of live performances, mixed media pieces, and the requisite human suffering into a pulling myself up by my own bootstraps witticisms that I have earned over the years. Maybe some possible geeking out and snarky commentary as what the internet was created for. At any rate, consider this the beginning of a new chapter of my life as I try to make sense of my journey and I just want to thank you for joining me.

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Oct 24, 2019

What an incredible looking website! Congratulations! More power to you!

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